The Method

One of the most common pain points e-commerce store owners face is not choosing the right products for their dropshipping stores. Even with an optimized store and the most powerful marketing strategies, a business is unlikely to become profitable if they don't offer hot selling products that the market wants.

Based on our experience, one winning product is all it takes to generate 5-figures in monthly revenue.

As such, careful, targeted product research is pivotal to curating the perfect catalogue for your e-commerce store. Leave nothing to chance with this solution as our team of highly experienced product specialists do in-depth research for the latest and trendiest hot sellers from Aliexpress.

We do not use automated machines to select these hot sellers, nor copy them from subscription services. Instead, we use a in-house methodology that is designed to sort out hot selling products in your specific niche. 

Our selection criteria is based on a combination of empirical indicators available from the shortlisted products and only the cream of the crop make the final cut. These criteria include: 

  • Product Profile including Product Ratings and Product Reviews
  • Order Profile including Sales Order Volume and Adds to Wishlist
  • Traction Profile
  • Marketing Profile 

    Taken together, we make an informed decision based on these indicators to determine the perfect products for you. 

    What You'll Receive

    You will receive an official Product Report that contains details of the chosen product(s) with a picture reference, link to the product page, cost price of the product, and our recommended selling price. The report will also contain the scores of the product based on the empirical indicators listed above as well as a marketing and pricing strategy custom made for this product. 

    *For a limited time only, we will provide up to 3 recommended Instagram influencers per product whom you can advertise your product with.*

    Delivery Time

    • Delivery time for our 1 - 10 products is typically between 24 to 48 hours; custom requests or more complex requirements may result in a longer delivery time. 
    • Existing clients can login to their client accounts to receive latest updates on work progress and more accurate delivery times

    How To Get Started

    In order for us to find the perfect product for your store, we will provide you a requirement form that asks for your niche, your target audience, product preference, your store's vision and your marketing strategy. 

    Our Guarantee

    We pride ourselves in providing powerful e-commerce and marketing solutions that bring your businesses to the next level. Every client is treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. As experts in our field, we deliver work of the highest quality with class, professionalism, and genuine impact. Read our purchase policy here (coming soon).