Shopify Store Setup

The Solution

An ecommerce store is not just another website. It should be built as an automated sales machine, a powerful virtual salesman with the purpose to convert. As such, we are not just web developers who blindly create websites without understanding the key factors of a profitable Shopify store. 

As Shopify Experts, we deliver powerful, optimized stores tailored made to your individual or business needs. Our team of passionate Shopify specialists have brought various businesses to the next level, including Dropshipping stores, Print-On-Demand stores, Private Label stores, service providers, B2B agencies, and more. 

A profitable store needs to ensure every aspect that contributes to your brand image and conversion rate is professionally taken care of. This includes: 

  • Shopify Theme and Layout
  • Navigation and User Experience
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Trust and Social Proof 
  • Scarcity, Urgency, and Upsell
  • Must-have Shopify Apps/Plugins 
  • Powerful Copy designed to maximize conversion 
  • Branding and Visuals
  • Safe and Secure Shopping 
  • Functionality
  • Lead Capture and E-mail Marketing  

Learn more about our service below and feel free to use the custom request form if you have a special request.