Vocal Mist

Store Fixes, Conversion Rate Optimization

Tools for the Modern Singer

Featuring a removable facemask and USB rechargeable lithium batteries, VocalMist is a Modern Singer's best friend. Perfect for singers of all levels, actors, public speakers, teachers, and all professional voice users, the VocalMist is an accessible way of getting rid of dry mucous, alleviating allergies, and keeping your voice working easily any time of day.

Vocalmist approached us to improve their conversion rate and sales funnel. This is a single product store selling a patented vocal tool that targeted people who loved to sing and wanted to improve their vocal skills. They already had an established store that was consisting generating sales through blog exposure, content marketing, and social media ads. The owner wanted Vocalmist to feel more accessible and not luxurious to appeal to a wider market, by offering a premium product at a fair price point.

Figure shows the breakdown (in months) of online store conversion over time. Intervention was implemented in mid-August. Subsequently September 2019 and October 2019 sees a significant increase in conversion rate compared to previous averages.

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