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There are many aspects of a Shopify business new owners need to take care of in order to not only be profitable, but profitable in the long term. This is perhaps the most overlooked problem for new owners, who come in with the mindset to make big money but are not aware of the amount of expertise needed to be profitable. The different aspects range from knowing the right products that your audience desires, building a Shopify store with all the essential features that will convert visitors into paying customers, and different marketing skills to create a brand that stands out.  


"Our job at Ecommsimplified is to simplify these aspects for you with our expertise, and partner up with you to help you achieve your goals for e-commerce. Learn more about the different aspects of a profitable Shopify store below."


Travis Toh, Founder, Ecomm Simplified


What Do I Need To Know About Managing A Profitable Shopify Venture In General?

In general, there are two aspects of managing your Shopify business. Think of them as two sides of a coin. In order to win, you must handle both sides equally well. 

One, your Shopify store. This is the part where potential customers will be in touch with your offerings and a crucial point in deciding whether it is worth their time (and money) on your store. This includes your website design, your products listings, trust and social proof, professionalism, responsiveness, security, loading speed, content marketing, and so on. 

Two: your marketing strategy and how you drive traffic to your store. While the first part can be outsourced to professional, marketing and traffic is the part that should be owned and mastered by Shopify store owners. Most stores fail to make money because they fail to market properly. Marketing and traffic is the very first thing to do to even bring customers into your website, so it should be a key focus of owners. This includes social media marketing, SEO, Facebook ads, Instagram influencer ads, Google adwords, and so on. 

What Does It Take To Get My First Sales?

There are three general steps to getting first sales. 

  1. Set up your Shopify store - this means to make sure your Shopify is not just created but optimized for sales. To learn more click on "About Shopify Stores" below. Only when your store is optimized with the essential features should you proceed to further steps. 
  2. Choose winning niche and products. At the end of the day, the product is by far the most important factor in deciding whether you make money or not. After it, it is the product that customers are paying for, not everything else. If your product is not highly desired by your target audience, you will not make sales. You must make sure to find winning products that have very high chances of selling. To learn more, click on "About Product Research" below. 
  3. Running ads. Once your optimized store is ready and you have selected your winning products, it is time to start promoting your products. The most recommended way is to start off with Instagram shoutouts or Facebook ads. If everything is done properly, you should see your first sales during your first few advertisements. 

What Does It Truly Take To Build A 6-Figure Shopify Business And Beyond?

To reach 6 figures or more, there is no secret trick. You need to work like hell. You need to put in consistent effort like every other business venture. Based on our experiences, our most successful clients are the ones who work the hardest. This involves daily churning out marketing and promotional ideas, providing content and awesome products for clients, and managing day to day operations. If you think e-commerce is as easy as importing a bunch of products and waiting for money to roll in, you will be sorely disappointed. The key to reaching 6 figures is to scale up but qualitatively and quantitatively. Qualitatively, it means to zoom into the custom audience that are your purchasing customers and find more of these customers (what is commonly referred to as lookalike audiences). Quantitative means to make your store bigger - better store design, better user experience, more products, more subscribers, and ultimately become a bigger brand.  


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