About Shopify Stores


Yes, Shopify claims that it has never been easier to start a business as they handle everything from marketing to payments. Heck, you can even build a website in one day and launch it!  

However if it was so simple, why do so many Shopify owners still fail? That is because doing the bare minimum will not get you any results

It is also worsen by the propagation of social media and mass marketing platforms that showcase instant success stories from Shopify, Dropshipping, and E-commerce in general. Let's face it, how many of us aren't in this in the first place because of seeing a video by a so-called guru making 6 figures from Shopify in a day, or something similar? 

It is true that you can build a profitable, sustainable, and long-term business using the Shopify platform, but whether you are successful all boils down to several key ingredients: your website, your products, and your marketing. It is a reciprocal relationship (see image), and you run a profitable business with any one of the pieces missing. 

At ecommsimplified - we make it easy for you. Whether you are a corporation or individual, no matter what niche or sales volume you are targeting, we have the right solutions for you. Using proven strategies and empirical indicators, our work is professional and methodical and done with only one objective in mind - to maximize chances of conversion and bringing your Shopify business to the next level. Learn more about the different aspects of a profitable Shopify business below.