We have brought hundreds of Shopify stores to the next level.

Find out why so many clients trust me with their e-commerce stores.

In 2019 and beyond, a lazy, youtube-referenced Shopify store will NOT work anymore. Customers are getting sick and tired of seeing the same old store designs, experience, and worse of all, the same old dropshipping products being blasted to their face! 

If you want to create a legitimate e-commerce store that is built to last, you need to distinguish your store more than ever. A powerful Shopify store WILL become profitable, but that is ONLY IF you have the fundamentals of customer psychology, store design and interface, and product research covered to a T. 

That's where we come into play. With years of experience in the game both as a profitable Shopify merchant as well having partnered with 5- and 6- figure stores, we are equipped with the skills to transform your stores and bring your business to the next level.

My top services

Shopify store support

Stop wasting your budget on inexperienced VAs who have no clue what they are doing! My solutions and consultation will get you success QUICKER, and save you thousands in wrong business decisions. In 2019, sub-par, run-of-the-mill Shopify stores will NOT convert. This gig will turn your store into a sales machine. 

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shopify store setup

We create your Shopify stores based on strategies that have proven to work. The plan is to adopt best practices and apps from hugely successful stores in your niche that are listed in the Shopify Exchange. These successful stores are being sold anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000, but you do not have to pay these extravagant prices - we deliver a brand new store for a fraction of the price. 

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e-commerce product research

We research for hot selling dropshipping products in your niche backed by empirical indicators and targeted Instagram influencers to advertise with. This gig will propel your products to the right audiences in order to boost your chances of making sales! 

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work with experienced hands you can trust

I have partnered with hundreds of Shopify stores of all types, including Dropshipping stores,  Private Label, Print-On-Demand, Established Brands, Affiliate stores, Subscription Based stores, and more. We manage and partner with clients on a daily basis on Store optimisation, theme setup, app setup, content marketing, product research, brand revamp, implementing key pages, and more. Whether you are an experienced merchant or brand new store owner, we have the right credentials and solutions to bring your store to the next level.

hear from my clients


Fantastic experience! On time, highly knowledgeable, fantastic results. Super happy I went with the premium plan over the standard and I now know I made the right decision with who to trust in building my dream and vision. They set me up for success as best as they could and went above and beyond.


Hi I’ve worked with Travis and he does amazing work he ran across a problem I had with my store and he did not stop until he found a way to fix the problem. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for great and fast work. Thank you Travis I will be back for more work


Travis and his team are nothing short of fantastic. He was excellent with communication and took the time to listen fully to any thoughts and concerns I may have had before taking action or responding. Honestly, I could write an essay but I'm only limited to 350 characters. In summary, take a chance with this team, you won't be disappointed.


I highly recommend Travis for projects like this and for Shopify. We have worked together several times on different projects. Excellent communication skills, Honest, Trustworthy, Diligent (if he can't find the answer immediately, then he works directly with the software developers to resolve the issue), Offers Good Quality Advice/Suggestions


Amazing team to work with. They were incredibly patient with all the questions and changes I asked for. Went the extra mile to ensure I was satisfied with the design and set up of my shopify store. I will definitely recommend them and will for sure be working with them in the future! Great job!!