About Product Research


Do you have the right products for your niche? Beyond website design, marketing, traffic, the most important factor to a profitable Shopify business is your products. Your product is the spotlight - every other strategy is just to make your product stand out. 

So how to ensure you find the right products for you niche? If you are dropshipping products there are many factors that you should ensure to make sure your product is hot selling. Quality of goods is one of the things we take note of as consumers, and it is no different for e-commerce. Nobody wants a product that is inferior, low quality, and useless. 

Finding the right products for your store could be the difference between a profitable store and losing money. Depending on your niche, there can be various factors on whether your product will be will received by your audience, and ultimately, convert into sales. If you think it's as easy as using the "Sort by Orders" function in Aliexpress or Amazon, you're missing out. There are other crucial indicators of potential to sell including market potential, order traction, product reviews, marketing potential, and more. Learn more about our solutions by clicking the button below!