i made $50,000 usd on my first year on fiverr.
learn how you can do it too.

what you'll learn in this course

  • In this course, I will share with you the no nonsense tips and tricks on how to thrive as a full time seller on Fiverr. The content in this course is packaged such that we cut through the fluff and you learn about key information that matters when it comes to generating big success in Fiverr. This includes:

    • How to get your first order
    • How to consistently get orders
    • How to promote your gigs effectively
    • How to take advantage of custom offers 
    • Buyer's mentality
    • How to get promoted in Fiverr's level system
    • How to effectively convert leads using powerful psychological methods
    • How to effectively manage your orders 
    • How to get recurring clients through upsell services 
    • How to deal with negative clients and experiences
    • Playing within the rules and not getting your account suspended (very important!)
    • Long term sustainability

this course is intended for...

you want a new stream of side income

Do you want an additional source of side income? Or are you interested in a career switch? If the answer is "Yes!", then you will find the teachings in this Masterclass near and dear to your heart, as I will explain to your why Fiverr is the top online marketplace you want to start offering gigs, how to create desirable gigs, and how to get your first orders. Fiverr is by far the easiest Freelancing and online marketing platform to open an account and start selling, so take advantage of this money making opportunity right now.

new sellers on fiverr

If you're a new Seller on Fiverr, you will find this course necessary to give you a kick start in your seller journey. You will be instilled with proven methods and strategies that have took me over a year to figure out. You will save yourself important time and avoid critical errors and spend the time on things that will actually make you become a long term, highly profitable Fiverr Seller.

If you're a new Seller on Fiverr, you will find this course necessary to give you a kick start in your seller journey. You will be instilled with proven methods and strategies that have took me over a year to figure out. You will save yourself important time and avoid critical errors and spend the time on things that will actually make you become a long term, highly profitable Fiverr Seller.

experienced sellers looking for a breakthrough

If you are already profitable on Fiverr, or if you were just using Fiverr as a side income revenue stream, this course will teach you how to upgrade to the next level, or give you the breakthrough you need. I go in depth on how I made 5-figures in Fiverr, and how I consistently generate big time sales to the point it becomes a consistent full time income source. You will not find this information elsewhere, so you won't want to miss this.

key skills i will equip you in this course

how to have a 5-figure mentality

If you don't have the right mindset, you will never be able to maximise your profits as a Seller on Fiverr. If you think like a freelancer, and sell only $5 gigs, you will stay that way forever. To make 5-figures and beyond, you need to start switching your mentality and act like a 5-figure seller.

how to get your first orders

Many new sellers struggle with this, and in the beginning of this course I address this issue in depth, including the psychology behind sales, proven ways to get your first orders, and one trick that works 100% as a last resort effort. 

how to get promoted quickly and gain reputation fast

Promotion within the Fiverr system is key to long term growth and making big money, so it is crucial to be equipped with the know-how and skills to be promoted as fast as possible. There is a huge difference between what a new seller makes and what a top seller makes, because of that added credibility.

how to create a highly converting gig

At the end of the day, your gigs are the most important part of your Seller journey. If you do not have gigs that are desired by the market, you will NEVER get orders. I go in depth on how to find profitable gigs and how to optimise your gig to maximise conversions. 

mastering terms of service

I share with you the nastiest experiences I have as a Fiverr seller, from warnings, to violations, to loss of sales, I've experienced it all. And this is all due to the fact I have no know of the importance of playing within the rules. Learn from my mistakes in order to avoid wasting time on dealing with terms of service violations that could get you banned.

how to deal with negative reviews and order cancellations

Negative reviews and order cancellations are part and parcel of the game, and one of the topics that I get asked all the time from sellers. I teach you how to overcome these, but more importantly, I give you the BIG PICTURE insight into why these does not matter in the long run if you manage several things well.

how to always get sales

In order for Fiverr to become a viable source of cashflow for you, you need to have gigs that consistently sell, period. There's no point to having one hot selling month, then experiencing cool down periods for the next few months. I teach you how to consistently get sales and generating recurring revenue from your existing clients.

how to establish your personal brand

If you want to take advantage of the Fiverr platform for as long as possible, you need to take things to the next level and become a top brand in your niche. I teach you how to do that, how to become an authority and one stop solution in your niche in order to always stay current and relevant.

hear from my clients...

cheryl fong


Travis provides deep insight into how to become successful in fiverr, and I am very excited to implement the tips and strategies he recommended. If you are looking for a genuine, non-salesy expert to point you in the right direction, you want to get this course right now.

thomas sims

online entrepreneur

I have been on Fiverr for a little over a year now and really started only playing around with a few gigs trying to see what comes of it. But after seeing some results I really want to take this to the next level to more of a reliable income stream and I was able to immediately implement many key and innovative strategies that I not tough about previously. Highly recommended, thanks Travis!

Emma baba


I really liked this course! It covered all the necessary skills I was looking for to find my breakthrough as a freelancer. I followed Travis' tips and within a week or so, my gigs started to gain more traffic and I even gotten 3 more standard packages ($50 gigs). Most importantly Travis taught me the importance of mentality and what it takes to be an effective closer. Thank you for a wonderful course.



Brilliant! Travis did a  wonderful job as usual. The course provided valuable information on all aspects of Fiverr including conversions, building trust, dealing with nasty clients (which I struggle with). Travis has a no nonsense teaching style which separates him from other Udemy instructors. It will help me to continue enhancing my Fiverr journey, thanks!

jenna djokovic

social media manager

Travis brings a level of insight only somebody experienced in the Fiverr marketplace would have. He puts dedication to every little detail and is clear, straight to the point, concise. Highly professional sound and powerpoint presentation, the course is over 3 hours long but chalked full of important, can't-miss tips and strategies, many of which I have integrated to my gigs and I am confident will be seeing results soon. My highest recommendations!

catherine D.

work from home mom

This course completely changed my perspective. I am completely new to Fiverr and after taking this course I feel more confident about setting the groundwork for success on Fiverr. Travis is very friendly and openly shares his mistakes which I really appreciate. Follow what Travis teaches, and you can have sustained long term success with Fiverr.

Full Time Fiverr Success: A Masterclass For Fiverr Sellers


If for any reason you purchased this course and you feel like it wasn't worth the price, send me an email and I'll gladly refund your money. Feel free to contact me for any questions!