products make or break your dropshipping store; effective product research isthe key difference between a profitable and a failing store.

If you saw my video...

Yes, you heard it right.

I said dropshipping is dead.

Now you've heard too many stories of gurus sharing their success, or how "easy" it is to make that dropshipping money!

You try it for yourself...

And you don't make a single sale! And then you give up!


IN 2019, DROPSHIPPING IS CERTAINLY DEAD for newbies who don't have a clue with they are doing or are just using copy-paste strategies from free youtube videos!

Give it up - Unless you are willing to do proper product research and commit to this cause.

When it come to dropshipping, the single most important factor to becoming profitable IS YOUR PRODUCT. 

You may have the most beautiful, optimized store.

You may know how to run killer marketing ads.

But products form the core of your store - simply put, if you don't offer hot products that the market wants, you will never get any sales!

Is this you?

Are you struggling to make sales?

Have you done everything to optimize your dropshipping store yet are still not getting sales?

Have you spent hundreds and thousands on paid advertisements yet did not a single sale?

Are you flushing all that money down the drain? 

Are you running out of patience, and feel like giving up?

Now my question for YOU is...


Why research is crucial for finding winning dropshipping products

Selecting products to upload in your store based on what you like or even at random is like buying the lottery.

You are just waiting to get lucky!

If you do this, you are not in control. 

What happens to a moving car without eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel? 

*BANG* Accidents, that's what. 

Dropshipping is not a game of luck.

Not if you seriously want to make money.

It involves a series of methodical steps and approaches over a period of time.

To maximize your chances of making sales, you need to select products based on empirical metrics. 

Doing proper product research will ensure the products you offer are hot selling, trending, desirable, and wanted by the market.

Heck,one winning product is all you need to profit!!!


Why is it crucial to spend time on careful, methodical product research?

The simple answer is if you don't, and just choose dropshipping products at random or based on what you "feel", you're just throwing away money on ads. You would be surprised, dropshipping is not a game of quantity but QUALITY. Lazily uploading tons and tons of products to your store and hoping for sales will NEVER WORK, we can promise you that. Instead, if you have done proper research, all you need is that ONE killer product to generate tons of sales.

As a product research specialist, you will be learning from someone who is actively researching for winning products on a regular basis, which means the skills I equip you are fresh, up to date, and practical. I guarantee you, we will employ some unconventional but powerful methods you will not find anywhere else.

Lastly, the proof is in the pudding. In the course I will be going through quick case studies of products that generated 5 figures or more, backed by empirical evidence.

Key skills you'll pick up:

  • Why investing time and effort in product research is key to sales

  • Fundamental metrics you should utilize to determine product(s)

  • Key indicators that ensure your product is hot selling, trending, and has growth potential 

  • Step-by-step methods on how I find products using Aliexpress, Google Search, Competitor Hack, Facebook, and Amazon 


Get Access To 3 key indicators and 5 proven methods of finding the next winning product

Module 1: 

In this section you'll learn the importance of doing effective product research for finding winning dropshipping products. You will learn about the 3 key indicators that you should use to determine a product's potential. 

Module 2: 

In this section you'll learn about key indicator #1: leading indicator. Imagine if you  have a niche in mind. Don't you want to know whether this will be a profitable niche? This crucial indicator does just that - it determines whether the niche or product you have in mind has potential to be highly profitable. This is a crucial first step as you will need to be certain about a niche's/product's potential before even going further. 

Module 3: 

In this section you'll learn about key indicator #2: current indicator.  This key indicator gives you important information whether a product is currently hot selling and making a significant number of orders up till today. This is especially important because you don't want to be offering saturated or outdated products!

Module 4

In this section you'll learn about key indicator #3: lagging indicator.  Past behaviour leaves clues to future performance - this is especially applicable when choosing winning dropshipping products. You need this final indicator to ensure that the product has good track record and is consistently generating sales. 

Method 1: 

Aliexpress is the de-facto leader in finding dropshipping products and suppliers and I will reveal the exact steps and methods I personally use to find winning products from this platform. 

Method 2: 

Facebook is another under-utilised yet one of the most powerful and easy ways to find trending, viral products. This is a largely undiscovered method and we will go through how to fully take advantage of this rich platform to find winners.

Method 3: 

In this method I will show you how to to "hack" competitors, no matter what niche you're in.  Cross-referencing what products other profitable stores are carrying is a strategic method that reaffirms your decisions to sell certain products.

Method 4: 

Spy tools are rampant, but that's not to say there's no value behind them. It all depends on how one uses them. When used as a cross-reference and verifying these products against our key indicators, you'll be able to shortlist true winning products. 

Method 5: 

Lastly, learn how to find winning products to dropship from Amazon, which is the biggest alternative to Aliexpress. The advantage of Amazon is that it offers unique products that aren't available on Aliexpress, as well as the speedier delivery times to US customers.

This course is intended for...

you want a new stream of side income

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative ways to make extra money online. With Shopify, creating your very own e-commerce store is easy and fast, with very low startup cost. Once you've created a store, the next step is to implement product research and upload winning products to your store to sell. With this course, you will learn exactly how to find these winners and start becoming profitable - leave nothing to chance!

Not making any sales on your dropshipping store?

If you just started, and thought you did everything necessary to start swimming in money, but is beginning to wonder why you DON'T GET A SINGLE SALE, then congratulations, you've bought into the unrealistic hype of dropshipping! I won't be surprised if you copied strategies from Youtube videos. They just won't work anymore in 2019. Do yourself a favour and equip yourself with the skill to find winning products with effective product research  - this is the BREAKTHROUGH you're looking for.

You need a consistent stream of winning products

Maybe you're already getting sales, but for the long term sustainability of your store, you definitely want to be in the forefront of the latest trending products, especially if you are a general store. In this course you will learn this evergreen skill that will enable you to find winning products anytime, no matter how the dropshipping climate shifts. This is because we focus on core fundamentals and key metrics that determine a product's selling potential. 

The value you'll receive...

In all honestly, I could sell you this course for $297 and it would be well worth the money.

Why $297? In all the dropshipping stores I've tried with the methods revealed in this course, I was able to generate back at least $300 in sales. 

The value you'll receive is much, much more than making enough money to pay for your bills. 

You've heard of dropshipping stores making 5, 6, even 7 figures online. It all starts with product research. 

Without this skill, you are likely to make nothing. Zilch. Possibly even go negative if you waste money on ads. 

Can you afford to lose this money? 

If you can, stop reading and leave right now. Continue your trial and error ways of testing products. 

Is this a magic pill? 

Of course not. 

In order to generate sales, you still have to do marketing for your products.

"Get the right pairs of eyes to the right product", as we say. 

However, the formula we're providing you is curated through experience and designed to ensure that the product you find has just about maximum potential to generate sales. 

As we mentioned earlier, and I must emphasize this over and over again because I've seen it happen TOO MANY TIMES!


Make the right move, and you'll be earning back the course fees and then some in a matter of weeks. 

So why don't I charge as much?

Honestly, if I sold the course for $297 I'd sell a lot less courses.

I originally decided to create this course because as a Shopify partner having worked with thousands of dropshipping stores...

PRODUCT RESEARCH is one of the aspects that many stores owners struggle with time and time again.

It's not just about making money, it's about helping as much people as I can and in turn growing the dropshipping community. 

Hence the reasonable price you see below.  

But take note, I may be increasing the price soon, so click on the "ORDER NOW" button below to get access today. 

Oh and one last thing: if you found my course valuable, please leave me a review on how it helped you. 

I'd like as many people as possible to see the power of this course. 

don't take my word for it. hear from my clients.

Mohan Dar

A 5 star course through and through. I have been dropshipping for some time and was surprised to learn these new tricks and strategies that I can't wait to implement. Travis' teachings stand out from the rest as they are based on empirical metrics rather than "trial and error". The value he provides is way more than what he's charging for this course so I don't see any reason not to buy.

natalie W.

I loved this course! I am entirely new to dropshipping and chanced upon this course, and learnt about the importance of product research.  The course is short but succinct enough with lots of practical strategies to find winning products. I appreciate Travis going to extra mile to help his client. Highly recommend this course!

jase k.

Amazing!!! I've already started generating sales and the feeling is addictive! All products in my store were uploaded based on what I learnt in this course and I definitely wouldn't know where I'd be without it! This course has given me a fresh perspective and how to find killer products, thanks Travis!

yasim m.

Product research has always been a struggle of mine and god knows I've flushed so much money down the drain on testing products. Now my life is made easier, by knowing how to find the next winning product and saving me thousands in wasted ad spent. I strongly recommend this course for beginners.

Winning Products For Dropshipping: Proven Research Methods


If for any reason you purchased this course and you feel like it wasn't worth the price, send me an email and I'll gladly refund your money. Feel free tocontact me for any questions!