About Product Descriptions


One of the biggest mistakes new Shopify owners make is to ignore Product Descriptions. In fact, the entire idea of proper, professional product listing is ignored altogether, except for product images and pricing. With the ease of use of the Oberlo app to upload products into their store, newbies typically just use the default descriptions that Aliexpress suppliers provide. They may not know that these descriptions are too raw, disjointed, and unprofessional to be attractive enough to draw in consistent buyers. 


Therein lies one of the main difference between a profitable store and one that is losing money. The problem with Aliexpress supplier descriptions is that although they do provide key information about the product, they are in a very raw, messy state including: 

          • Terrible English 

          • Unorganized, disjointed bullet points 

          • Repeated information 

          • Unnecessary information such as SKU, supplier names etc. that your customers should not see


It is so common to see these descriptions rampant; it is too easy to spot new owners when I see this. It is also a BIG turnoff and red flag for your visitors as you may have the most beautiful and responsive website but lose sales due to poor descriptions. See the below figures to see the difference between a copy and paste description and an effective, compelling description that will convert your audience into paying customers. 

Doing e-commerce, you are already at a disadvantage because potential customers won't be able to physically see and check the product. Hence, product descriptions, pictures and videos serve the role of providing key information on whether to buy the product or not. As such, in order to maximize conversion, descriptions must be as compelling as possible to make it a must buy for your audiences. In descriptions you can also add in your policies such as shipping time and return guarantee to assure customers. Ideally, your description should contain a few sentences describing the benefits and unique selling points of this product, its specifications, and the package they will receive. In addition, the best images for this product should be displayed as well as a product video, if available.