We've been asked, why it's called "CLEAVE"?

We wanted a brand name that clearly identifies with my agency's mission and service, and is easy to pronounce and remember.

We could easily go with "ecommerce XPERTZ" or "digital marketing kings" or something like that that's done over and over again.

Top luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, and LV don't call themselves as "luxury handbag store".

So we went in that direction.

The dictionary meaning of the word "Cleave" has two meanings:

1. cleave1 (/kliːv/) - verb: split or sever (something), especially along a natural line or grain.

2. cleave2 (/kliːv/) - adhere strongly to (a particular pursuit or belief).

👊Meaning one speaks to how we aim to help our partners find a breakthrough in their business problems. To break down their problems into parts and to crack down on core issues.

😉Meaning two speaks to our adherence to staying through to our quality, being an authority in our niche and being an agency with firm beliefs that businesses can trust to bring long term growth.

Taken together, CLEAVE strives to be a Digital Agency that brings practical and positive impact to small-to-medium businesses while upholding our core values of integrity, timeliness, and effectiveness. 👍

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