Did you attend Shopify's (re)unite event this year? If you hadn't, you missed out on a bunch of great new features that Shopify has announced!

(No worries, you can still watch the recording here.

We're talking about game changers here!

Amongst all the amazing new announcements for merchants, customers as well as partners, here are four new feature's we're most excited about. 

1) Shop Pay Installments

Shopify reunite announcements 2020: installments

Finally - the option for customers to pay by instalments is here! Ever experienced abandon carts when there are limited payment options available? Hopefully, with instalment payments, this gives customers the option to pay in phases, reducing their immediate barriers and a boost in your conversion rate! 

The launch of Shop Pay Installments is expected to be available for merchants and buyers in the U.S. later this year.

Shop Pay Installments allow buyers to pay for purchases in four equal payments over time, with no interest or fees. Merchants will receive the full purchase amount upfront, and Shopify will collect the remaining installment payments, meaning there’s no risk to merchants.

This flexible payment option will allow buyers to stretch out their payments, making purchases more convenient. This, in turn, will help merchants increase cart sizes and overall sales.

Installments will be fully integrated into the Shop Pay accelerated checkout, meaning merchants can continue to offer buyers a seamless checkout experience.

You can join the waitlist for Shop Pay Installments now! 

2) New Express theme

Shopify reunite announcements 2020: express theme gif

We are so excited for this one, especially how it can bring physical businesses such as F&B online - in a jiffy! 

As more brick and mortar businesses are pivoting to online, one of the ways Shopify is helping these new merchants is to help them get online faster. 

Express is a brand new, 100% free Shopify theme designed for a one-page shopping experience, and optimized for mobile.

It can be used to get stores online quickly, and supports small to medium catalogs of products. We built it thinking specifically of businesses like restaurants and cafes, who want to keep their online experience simple, but any business that needs to get online quickly can benefit from Express.

Check out the Express theme now.

3) Tipping 

With this new feature, you enable customers the option of sending extra tips in your checkout page, allowing an additional stream of revenue! 

Tips for Shopify POS Makes It Simple to Reward Employees

Merchants can also be creative in utilising this tipping space, for instance making an option to donate to a charitable organisation of your choice. 

Here's Shopify's official statement: 

Some of the businesses pivoting to e-commerce rely on another form of revenue: tipping. As more of these businesses move online, we decided to build tipping into the online checkout flow to allow buyers to continue showing their support. 

To help your clients make the most of the new tipping functionality, consider the type of business they’re in. Food businesses, those offering local delivery, and all types of service businesses are particularly well-suited to tipping. The tipping feature can also be used to allow contributions to charities.

Tipping in the online checkout is now available. Learn how to setup tipping for your Shopify store.

4) The new online store design experience

Shopify reunite announcements 2020: online store design

As Shopify Partners, we are very excited for the possibilities of more control and customization for each individual page, instead of the previous emphasis on home page. 

This new design editor will allow us to do more for our merchants - more customization options in individual pages, better creatives and imagery, and helping boosting overall conversion rate. 

This new experience means that it will be possible for merchants to add new features and functionality to their online store through app sections, without having to run scripts or edit code.

The new online store design experience will launch to merchants later this year, but is available in developer preview for all partners now.

Moving forward: Improving the e-commerce experience better for everyone

These new updates are very much welcomed by merchants, customers, partners, and everyone else involved. There's a ton of new amazing features that we didn't cover - to read the full recap click here! 

What are your thoughts? Did you like the new updates? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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